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Hua Ling LED Downlight is the #1 Selling item for hotel project

Trusted by over 13,000 satisfied users, Hua ling?became the best-reliable supplier
in the of one of the world’s hotel project.

LED Down Light

LED Ceiling Light

LED Grille Light

LED Panel Light

LED Track Light

LED Linear Light

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LED Down Light Styles & Variants

We offer best quality led downlight with Citizen / Osram / Bridgelux?COB , providing the 3-5year warranty .

Best solution for the project , long working life , pure color temperature , high R/A.

Rechange LED Ceiling Light

We offer rechange led bulb sources for the ceiling light , you can change the led bulbs easier for the ceiling light . Best economic way for the project !

IP44 / Ip22 level for the led ceiling light

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